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TALK: Art as an Investment Asset

An insightful illustrated lecture about the investment value of art, indicating the dramatic rise in returns on investment, and how to go about starting or developing a collection. NWU Main Gallery, Free entry, 26 Sept 18:00, Talk, Eng

Aspire Exhibition

Various significant artworks from their forthcoming Johannesburg auction sale in November will be displayed. Gallery: Aspire Art Auctions Venue: Alumni Hall Curator: MD Ruarc Peffers & the Aspire Team  


Aspire will present a film screening comprising of a selection of rare art films about local art and artists. 25 September 2019: Alexis Preller: Men of Merit (by Edgar Bold & Peter Grossett) Duration: 40 minutes 27 September 2019: In Search of the Others (by Merwede van der Merwe) Duration: 15 minutes Maggie Laubser (by …

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Aspire Art Auction

Aspire will conduct an open, commercial auction of selected works of art exhibited at Aardklop. The auction will be open to the public and will have an electronic catalogue available beforehand. Light snacks and refreshments will be served. NWU Main Gallery, Free entry, 60 min, 25 Sept 17:30 for 18:00, Auction


Kunstoere vir feesgangers vanaf die feesterrein tot in Ikageng en terug! Plaaslike huise word in kunsgalerye omskep en feesgangers kry die geleentheid om huiseienaars en kunstenaars te ontmoet. Vertrek vanaf Pendelstasie op die Bult (h/v Esselen- en Hoffmanstraat). Ikageng (vertrek vanaf pendelstasie), 25, 26, 27, 28 Sept 11:00, 14:00, R160, 90 min, Kunstoer, Afr, Eng, …

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